Equip your workers to achieve optimum performance and hands-free, eyes-free safety.

Your mobile workers require wearable solutions that are purpose-built for the rigors of the demanding environments in which they work. Vocollect's Talkman A700 Solution mobile computing devices and our speech-recognition headsets are designed and manufactured specifically for warehouse environments – high noise levels, freezers, high moisture, light industrial conditions, or all of the above.

Vocollect has a deep understanding of how to maximise the "headset experience" – which is all too often the weak link in a would-be voice solution. Only Vocollect manufactures intuitive, ergonomic headsets that are purpose-designed for the challenging warehouse environment. We offer wireless or wired headset options that address the unique demands of freezer environments, high-noise environments, hard-hat workers, and lighter weight uses. Our headset styles include versions worn behind the head or over the top of the head. Our multiple configurable options ensure that you will find a headset optimized to address your workers' specific needs.

Vocollect's core speech recognition has the ability to interpret user speech – regardless of accent or dialect – even in the presence of background noises. Our SoundSense recognition technology enables up to a 50% reduction in recognition errors compared to the previous leading DC/warehouse headset, while greatly increasing recognition accuracy. When paired with Vocollect’s Talkman line of SoundSense Certified voice-enabled devices or a variety of Vocollect SoundSense Certificated third-party devices, Vocollect’s  SRX2 wireless headset significantly enhances the operational efficiency of workers, delivers superior voice recognition performance and achieves a dramatically lower TCO. 

In addition to Vocollect's own total solutions, Vocollect also supports the use of wired and wireless ring scanners and displays. Vocollect Voice is available on mobile computing devices from the top four handheld providers.