VoiceApplications are workflows designed to optimise worker productivity and accuracy by precisely guiding them through a carefully integrated series of tasks.

Vocollect VoiceArtisan produces VoiceApplications, which are workflows used to direct workers through a variety of tasks, optimising their productivity and accuracy.

VoiceApplications are flexible and powerful, in part because they incorporate Vocollect's deep insights into warehousing best practices, gained through direct experience implementing more 2,000 customers across a diverse set of industries.

VoiceApplications provide customers and partner developers with numerous options to deploy various workflows tailored to fit their specific business needs. VoiceApplications support multiple workflows to seamlessly fulfill WMS / ERP integration requirements. They are managed through Vocollect's VoiceConsole, a web-based management software used to enable supervisors to manage their devices, workers and other voice assets.

VoiceApplications can also run on mobile computers using Vocollect's VoiceCatalyst software. VoiceCatalyst enables flexible connectivity to devices, servers and data far beyond the traditional capabilities of voice client software.