Vocollect's superior speech-recognition technology is what makes Vocollect Voice the top choice for powering hands-free work in businesses that rely on mobile employees. Vocollect Voice technology supports the industry's top four handheld voice-capable mobile devices.

Intelligent, Intuitive, Adaptive

Vocollect's Bluestreak speech recognition engine is the key to Vocollect's industry-leading speech recognition capabilities in the noisiest warehouse environments. Vocollect Adaptive Speech Recognition is available as part of VoiceCatalyst or the legacy VoiceClient software platforms.

VoiceCatalyst enables the most intuitive, real-time control of the conversational experience with its adaptive ability to intelligently decrease or increase prompt speeds based on user performance, without direct user intervention. VoiceCatalyst provides enhanced voice-performance statistics, with the most granular view of when and how workers, software and hardware work together most efficiently.

As Natural as Conversation

Interacting with Vocollect Voice is like having a conversation with a person: both of the Vocollect Voice software platforms offer efficient, natural voice dialogues and computerised voice prompts, ensuring the greatest flexibility and ease of use. Vocollect Voice can speak to your workers in any of more than 35 languages, and can understand any dialect or language your workers speak in return.

Each prompt can be configured to either ignore the worker until the system is done speaking (for example, when the system is providing important information such as the next location), or to allow the user to interrupt the system.

Also, the Vocollect recogniser does NOT require you to use anchor words each time you speak to it. Systems that depend on anchor words use designated terms to turn the speech recogniser on and off for every transaction, meaning your workers must speak thousands of unnecessary words every day, which significantly reduces their productivity. Vocollect Voice can interpret speech input without such wasteful prompting.

Workers Control the Speed of Assignments

Vocollect Voice is intelligible at high speeds – workers can select from nine different speeds, up to 400 words per minute, for maximum productivity.

Intelligently Tuned to Comprehend Each Speaker

When you're navigating the voice prompts of an automated phone system, have you ever had to repeat yourself or start over? Such call centre systems employ untrained speaker-independent speech recognisers that can usually work for the "average" user in the "average" situation.

However, such call-centre systems tend to perform poorly in anything other than optimum conditions, such as for speakers who have unusually high or low voices, distinctive accents or who are in a noisy environment.

But if your DC and warehouse workers have to constantly repeat themselves, you’ll never achieve the increase in speed and productivity you are expecting from your voice solution.

Vocollect Voice is intelligently tuned and trained to each worker’s unique voice, making it possible for workers to create and use their own unique voice profiles in the language of their choice. The system learns each user's language, pronunciation and accent. It generally takes less than 20 minutes to train a personal voice profile, and this can be done anywhere in the distribution centre. 

Vocollect Voice continues to intelligently adapt to each worker’s unique needs over time. To ensure ever-increasing accuracy, Vocollect Adaptive Voice Recognition works continuously behind the scenes to automatically update voice profiles in response to changing voice and environmental conditions. The result is better and better performance and accuracy.

Vocollect provides maximum user flexibility enabling workers to be more productive and accurate – which ultimately supports reducing your operating costs.