Voice in Picking and Selection

Find out why Vocollect Voice in the picking/selection workflow provides dramatic productivity and accuracy gains:

Vocollect in the picking/selection workflow generates dramatic productivity and accuracy gains, in part because the benefits gained with each worker are multiplied across the large workforce typically assigned to these processes.

With Vocollect Voice in picking, the worker is directed to a specific location, and then responds by speaking a series of check digits, which confirms that they are in the correct bin location. The voice-enabled mobile computer verifies the check digits, and then directs the worker to pick a specified quantity, which the worker confirms.

In addition to keeping the worker's eyes and hands free to perform the task, this process helps reduce errors that can occur when a worker optically scans a slot and accidentally picks from another. As a result, Vocollect Voice typically reduces 80% of picking errors caused by picking the wrong product or the wrong quantity.

Moreover, when compared to handheld mobile devices, Vocollect Voice typically delivers 15%-25% productivity gains, which translates into significant labour-cost savings and increased worker throughput.

Vocollect Voice Reaches Beyond Picking/Selection

The benefits of Vocollect Voice in picking can also be used in other workflows, thus creating further opportunity for gains. In fact, 25% of Vocollect users use Vocollect Voice in areas beyond picking/selection.

The ultimate results are greater labour-cost savings, superior customer service, and the potential for significant savings in capital-equipment costs.