Voice in Outbound / Loading Operations 

Achieving the perfect order is a moot point if the customer doesn't receive it on time

Perfect order selection is of little value if the order is loaded onto the wrong outbound truck or not shipped at all. These types of errors occur most commonly when operators close a load before all of the pallets listed on the manifest have been loaded. 

Loading accuracy is improved by preventing the operator from closing the load until all of the pallets are loaded. This also means that distribution centers using Vocollect Voice can reduce spurious customer claims, since they have the data to prove that orders were selected and shipped correctly.

Furthermore, when Vocollect Voice is used in the outbound operation and is synchronised with picking/ selection, loading areas are kept clear. Orders are completed before being moved to the loading area, reducing or eliminating "scratch running," or the time spent completing the pick when the order is already in the loading area.