Attaining Higher Levels of Accuracy Through Premier Worker Experience 

The Results are In: Workers Prefer Vocollect Voice over Handheld Devices and Paper-Based Solutions

Your business is challenged by high worker turnover, rising onboarding training costs, and an increase in smaller order quantities.

Vocollect customers consistently experience a reduction in worker turnover after implementing our voice solutions. Your workers gain greater confidence as they regularly exceed their daily goals and objectives. For the distribution center manager, Vocollect provides real-time visibility into worker productivity, making labor management more efficient.

Another key benefit is how rapidly workers learn Vocollect's intuitive voice-enabled solutions –training time is typically reduced by 50%, in comparison to alternative technology methods.

Furthermore, for workers who use motorised vehicles, tasks become significantly safer to perform hour after hour, since their eyes are focused on driving instead of reviewing screens and using data input keyboards.