Vocollect SRX2 Wireless Headset

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The Design Perspective
The Perfect Ergonomics
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Compact Yet Super Rugged
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Best Speech Recognition
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Most Intuitive Interactions
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The Team Behind the SRX2 Headset
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Better Recognition with SoundSenseā„¢

SoundSense Technology reduces unwanted noise insertion by 50% to provide superior voice recognition for greater accuracy and error-free, faster picking.

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Shareable Component Design in an Advanced Voice Headset

Sharing the electronic components across multiple shifts with the detachable headbands drastically lowers your operating cost per employee.

Superior User Comfort

The SRX2 has the most ergonomic headband with multiple levels of adjustment to enable employees to work with complete comfort and high job satisfaction.

Intelligent Battery Management

With batteries designed to last two full shifts, you can get uninterrupted work. It's even better when battery life can be predicted and viewed months in advance.